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Information for New Applicants

Dear Students who intend to apply to our Engineering Management program:

As you may know, a three-semester time limit to complete the program has been brought to students starting non-thesis Masters programs by YÖK.  While we hope that this restriction will be lifted in future, we would like to briefly list your options.

You may make your regular application to the program.  Once you are admitted, you have three choices:

1.Complete  10 courses + the project in three semesters 

In case you cannot finish in time, you may reapply (all your test documents need to be up-to-date at that time), and up to four of your previously-taken courses can be transferred provided that you got a BB or better grade.

2. You may start as a Special Student.

In this case you will not be students of our MSc. program officially.  You will need to reapply later and the same reapplication conditions above will be in effect.

3.If you think you are not ready to start the program, you may enroll in our deficiency program that is composed of at most two 1-credit introductory courses taken in consecutive semesters. You may take additional courses and have up to four of them counted towards your degree (BB or higher grades). You will officially have a student status in this case.