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Admission Requirements

  • B.S. or B.A. degree in.
    • engineering, except industrial engineering,
    • basic sciences,
    • business administration, economics or other related fields.


  • Background in
    • calculus,
    • probability,
    • statistics, and
    • computer programming.


  • Proficiency in English: A minimum score of 65 in METU English Proficiency Exam (EPE), or an equivalent score of 79 in TOEFL-IBT.


  • A minimum score in the Graduate Admission Examination (ALES), or an equivalent GRE score. The current minimum score in quantitative section of ALES is 70.


  • A letter of purpose explaining the goals of the candidate.


  • Reference letters (2)


  • A favorable opinion of the program committee.


Applicants can either apply online or submit their applications to the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences during the periods announced. Detailed information can be found at Admission is subject to approval of the program committee.

If you are not able to get acceptance to the program, you may take courses as a special student. For more information click here.