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Program Structure and Degree Requirements

The non-thesis program with tuition fee consists of ten courses, a capstone project and a seminar course, in which the students will present their projects. Of the ten courses, three are required and seven are electives.

The maximum duration to complete the program is three semesters.

Students should take a minimum of two courses in each semester.

Class meetings are held in the evenings (18:10-21:00) to facilitate attendance of the working students.

Students who complete the program successfully will receive the Master of Science in Engineering Management degree from the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences of METU.

The degree requirements are as follows. (Note that students who did not take an equivalent of EM 521 Applied Statistics before admission to the program must take  this course as one of the seven elective courses.)

Required Courses
Code Course Title Credit Hours
EM 501 Management Accounting and Engineering Economics (3-0)3
EM 502 Operations Management (3-0)3
EM 505 Decision Models (3-0)3
EM 590 Seminar (0-2)NC
EM 599 Term Project (0-4)NC

Elective Courses
Code Course Title Credit Hours
EM 503 Systems and Organizations (3-0)3
EM 504 Technology Management (3-0)3
EM 506 Project Management (3-0)3
EM 507 Total Quality Management (3-0)3
EM 508 Strategic Planning (3-0)3
EM 509 Strategy and Structure of Cooperation (3-0)3
EM 510 Business Process Reengineering (3-0)3
EM 512 Qualitative Methods for Management (3-0)3
EM 516 Logistics (3-0)3
EM 517 Business Economics (3-0)3
EM 520 Management Information Systems and Decision Support Systems (3-0)3
EM 521 Applied Statistics (3-0)3
EM 522 Data Mining for Business Intelligence (3-0)3
EM 523 Monte Carlo Simulation for Operations Analysis (3-0)3
EM 531 Engineering Economy and Investment Management (3-0)3
EM 532 Finance for Engineering Management (3-0)3
EM 533 Quality Engineering (3-0)3
EM 534 Supply Chain Management (3-0)3
EM 720 Interfirm Networks (3-0)3
EM 724 International Business (3-0)3 or (2-2)3
EM 725 Topics in EM: Behavioral Decision Analysis (3-0)3
EM 726 Stochastic Decision Models
EM 727 Introduction to Engineering Management 3
EM 728 Applications of Engineering Management 1

Prerequisite Chain for the MEM Program