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Sample Term Projects Completed by the MEM Graduates

“Stock Market Analysis Using Clustering”, Supervised by C. İyigün.

“Short Term Price Forecasting in Turkish Electricity Market” Supervised by S. Duran.

“Minimizing the Cost of Banknote Printing in the Central Bank of Turkey”, Supervised by S. Savaşaneril.

“An Approach for Determining the Stock Coil Widths and Cutting Patterns for a Steel Pipe Company”, Supervised by S. Meral.

“Strategic Sector Analysis for Fertilizer Importation”, Supervised by Ç. Güven.

“An Executive Brief on Turkish Tank Production Capability”, Supervised by E. Sayın.

“Occupational Risk Assessment”, Supervised by Ö. Kırca.

“Activity Based Costing: IT Company Case”, Supervised by C. Sepil.

“Performance Measurement of Projects in a Small-Sized Construction Firm”, Supervised by C. Sepil.

“Design of an International Dealer Performance Evaluation System for a Construction Machinery Manufacturer”, Supervised by G. Köksal.

“Quality Improvement Study of Painting Process in TAI, Inc.”, Supervised by G. Köksal.

“Improvement of Construction Projects Within the Use of New Techniques and Technologies”, Supervised by Ö. Kırca.

“Examining the Assembly Line Feeding Problem in MAN Turkey”, Supervised by C. Sepil.

“AVEA Ankara Transmission Network Design,” Supervised by H. Süral.

“Supplier Selection Process of HAVELSAN A.Ş.,” Supervised by E. Karasakal.

“Rescheduling of Work Programme to avoid delays in Completion of Jumeirah Villages Project,” Supervised by Ö. Kırca.

“E-Procurement Feasibility Study in an "Electronics Company",” Supervised by S. Meral.

“Knowledge Intensive Business Services in Turkey,” Supervised by M.Durgut.

“Cost Benefit Analysis for Halkalı–Bulgaria Border High Speed Railway Project,” Supervised by A. Oran.

“Spreadsheet Implementation of Inventory Management System in Borusan,” Supervised by C. Sepil.

“Reducing Lead Scrap in Yiğit Akü,” Supervised by P. Bayındır.

“ABC Classification of Inventory Items in CB Metal,” Supervised by İ.S. Bakal.

“Olive Oil Warehouse Receipt and Storage System,” Supervised by S. Meral.

“An Application of Software Reliability Concepts,” Supervised by Y. Serin.

“Data Management in Gate Electronics Inc.,” Supervised by T. Şen.

“Multi Criteria Decision Aid for Weapon Selection Problem,” Supervised by E. Karasakal.

“A Regressing Model to Estimate the Unit Cost for Mass Housing Projects of TOKİ,” Supervised by Y. Serin.